Your Mother - Flash Fiction Prompt

Your Mother called me again last night.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth again, or even to tell the same lie. I just said that you’d finally got the raise you deserved and we were finally heading to the black. That Keri was excited about starting second grade and I added the funny story about the picture we thought was a snail but turned out to be your head.
Actually Keri just now got over Brian dumping her, it only took her a week. Now she wants to double date, she and Trevor with Deidre and I. My answer “it’s a little early for that” was more than evasion - I still haven’t told D about you.
Miss you so much,
p.s. I didn’t mind the gardeners taking away the notes I leave for you, you were always a fast reader anyway. But I was using our unicorn statue to weight them down and now they’ve taken that away too. I’m trying not to be mad at you anymore but it’s all been so unfair.