About Being a Writer

It’s useful to think about parts of a process,
as if parts weren’t of a whole and a purpose.
Even my awareness is always about something.
My thinking is always about something.
My writing is always about something.

Subject (my conscious awareness) or object (thought/written about),
neither is first in a process.
Being, thinking, writing
are relationships between things,
subject and object ‘happen’ at the same time.
And we signify relationships:
X relates to Y,
X interacts with Y,
X aboutY.

‘Thinking’ and ‘writing’ describe specific ways of ‘being’.
If you are (about X), you are being.
If you think (about X), you are being a thinker.
If you write (about X), you are being a writer.

I am thinking about thinking.
I am writing about writing.
I am about.
I signify.

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