The Silent Kind

Many colds ago, more colds than the elders of your elders can call or remember, when all that flew, crawled, or swam knew our All-That-Is was dying, there lived The Silent One. He was not one of us, he did not caw forth and his wings did not fly for his kind was the destroyer-kind. Even so we name him among all-kind and even among The Beautiful Wings at Dusk because one-of-a-kind is not the whole-kind.
The Silent One lived in a nest made of see-through-not-fly-through and he instead of spending his days making bad-air he built another nest inside his living-nest. Outside his living-nest he set many perfect-trees so that we had the biggest nesting of many Wings at Dusk, and we watched him make his inside nest made of destroyer-hard-rock.
For many, many colds the Silent one was nest-building. And every day he hailed us with his wings. Every day he set out feast for the all-kind. Every day he built his inside nest. Then one day The Silent One made his living nest into eat-pieces but did not eat it. Then his inside nest made of destroyer-hard-rock was outside.
But greatest gift-call! We saw the inside-outside-nest was a cave, a cave to our New-Living-All-That-Is! We told all our other kind, those we eat, those who eat us, all those friend-kind, all that flew, crawled, or swam. We told all to come through the Silent-One-Cave and live in the New-Living-All-That-Is. And they all came and we all live here many colds later.
We called to the Silent One too but we did not call the destroyer-kind. Not one of all-kinds wanted any destroyer-kind. But the all-kind named a new kind that day. And the Silent One was first among the silent-kind who look like the destroyer-kind but are not destroyers.
The Silent One stood before the Silent-One-Cave and all The Beautiful Wings at Dusk called to the Silent One many times to come and join us. Each of the all-kind called to the Silent One, telling him to come and bring all of his Silent-Kind.
But he stood and would not come and was sad. And we of the all-kind knew why. One-of-a-kind is not the whole-kind, but even the Silent One could not tell which among the destroyer-kind were truly of the silent-kind. So for the good of the all-kind the Silent One, only one among the silent-kind, closed off forever the Silent-One-Cave.
Remember the silent-kind! Remember the Silent One!

Prompted by some very noisy crows in my backyard and the release of U.N. International Panel on Climate Change (see CNN summary or IPCC original docs).